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Paperless Printing Options

Paperless receipt printing has so many benefits for businesses, their customers, and the environment. Some of these include:

  • Less paper waste for the customer. 

  • No loose papers with sensitive information resulting in better customer security.

  • Keep track of receipts more easily. 

  • Lower printing cost. 

  • Less paper clutter.

  • Greater consistency in records for the customer.

  • Extra backup for the financial institution.

Did you know that Nexus Evolution provides an option for printing to a file? Our PrintFormAndReturnImage function does just that! This function allows financial institutions to capture an exact replica of a receipt and send it to the desired place to be stored and accessed electronically. We love helping our clients and their customers get one step further in the process of going paperless. If you would like more information on implementing this capability within your business, please contact us.


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