The devices found in retail banks around the world are varied in their uses and their capabilities.  However, the majority of them have at least one thing in common: they can be controlled simply by connecting to our common API through any of the Nexus Evolution™ products.  Read more...

Device Management

The capabilities of devices today are astounding. Making use of all of their benefits and collecting all essential hardware data can be a challenge.  That is why we are developing the Nexus Evolution™  Toolkit. Read More...  

Device Control

Nexus Evolution™ offers a wide array of potential solutions that will meet most any goals within a project or conversion.  Our single API makes adding new devices and capabilities is straightforward and involves little to no backend changes. 


Financial Institution

We have been making devices work within our user's environments for over 30 years.  Our experience and knowledge make for the perfect expert in your corner.  We offer solutions for every financial institution, from 3 workstations to 3,000. 

Teller Application

If banking applications are your business then you know how intricate these systems are.  Having an expert covering the device aspect of this wide-ranging field leaves you and your team open to focus on the rest of your product.


As a developer in the Financial Industry, you are aware of the vast amounts of detailed and specific information needed to keep things moving.  With our integrated and consistent APIs you have built-in options and less work but still have flexibility.


Device Management

coming soon

IT Tools

The IT in Financial Institutions has grown to epic proportions.  There is a device for most functions and all of these devices need connectivity to do their jobs.  The system is complex,  but our tools can help the IT department to see what tech they have and how it is being utilized.  With the information this tool will provide, understanding what devices get used and how will be accessible at any time.  Which means that your team will know where their time and attention is best spent.  Not only that, but the return on your hardware investments will be easy to see and understand.  That is the kind of information that makes decision making easier - even in these complex times.

Finance Tools

There are as many moving parts in the world of finance as there is in any of the devices found in retail banks and credit unions today.  Unfortunately, the need to know what is happening with your cash - and the machines that handle that cash - is more urgent and time-sensitive than ever before.  Imagine having the ability to know (or automatically be alerted) when a recycler is unusually low or if a machine is starting to malfunction.  Or being able to track cash flow in real-time and prevent any unexpected shortages proactively.  It is this type of insight that we are going to provide as our solutions continue to grow and expand.

Teller Tools

Tellers love the convenience and time-saving qualities of the devices found in branches today.  That is until those devices fail to perform as expected.  Which they inevitably do.  This is one of several issues we plan to address with our forthcoming Teller Toolkit.  Not only will be made device errors and reporting easier and more seamless, we will also enable the teller to more easily perform necessary functions like audits and communicate concerns without stopping the important work of focusing on the customer in front of them at the moment.