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Who We Are

We strive to be the experts in device connectivity for the banking industry.  We know how much goes into the success of our partners and clients. Our primary goal is to provide middleware that simplifies the complexities that come from modern banking device through a stable and innovative suite of products supporting all the devices our customers need.

Company History

Company Histroy

Connecting the Past and the Future

As the demand for enhanced features, functions, and security has increased, device manufacturers have implemented these solutions in unique ways.  In order for software platform developers and banks to take advantage of these options, they need to create custom solutions for each unique piece of hardware at each branch.  This is where we can help.  Our Nexus Evolution software provides a set of comprehensive APIs (application programming interfaces), which facilitate fast and easy integration of peripheral devices into any financial application.  This effectively eliminates the time and stress that can come with the acquisition of new devices.


Nexus Software LLC is the leader in device support in retail banking teller and platform solutions. Nexus provides software that connects any solution to any device in the retail branch. Founded in 1985, Nexus Software has production installations in more than one hundred countries through our partners and relationships with financial institutions around the world. Our software is currently installed on over 400,000 workstations through more than 1,300 financial institutions around the world.


Nexus Software is Founded

As device capabilities grew the complexity in the connection grew too. Fortunately, the founders of Nexus Software saw a new way to serve the financial industry - creating a middleware to streamline that process.


Banking Solutions Vendors Council

Nexus is a founding member of Banking Solutions Vendors Council, a group tasked with creating device standards.


Nexus Goes International

Nexus Software celebrates its first international customer, paving the way for growth around the globe.


Partnering Up

This is the year when Nexus Software begins its longstanding partnership with CFI and Phoenix International (now Finastra)


ActiveXFS Debuts

Nexus Software partnered with NCR and Microsoft to create the ActiveXFS standard - which is still used in retail banking devices today.

Nexus Software Inc acquired by Diebold Incorporated. 


Partnering Up

Nexus software released its first flagship product - XFSConnect

Nexus Software is acquired by Diebold.



Nexus Software continues to innovate with the release of INvolve, a streamlined and improved software utilizing the ActiveXFS standard.


Device Management Gets Easier

Nexus Software releasees its latest innovation, Distributed Client.  This product paved the way for the remote management of workstations and devices that we see today.


New Management Team

Nexus Software LLC takes the branch software private.

Headquarters established in Ohio.


Nexus Evolution

Nexus Evolution is released to customers.

2015 - 2019

Nexus Continues to Grow

Nexus Software grows from 450,000 licenses to 600,000 licenses worldwide.


Landmark Year

Nexus Software celebrates 35 years in business and 10 years of private ownership. 


The Industry

The world of retail banking devices is constantly evolving in both the products and services provided. The ever-evolving changes have often made on the ground delivery of these services a challenge.  In addition, there is frequently a mix of legacy technology and modern devices from region to region, and sometimes even branch to branch.  Passbooks are used over here, while e-receipts are used there, etc.  Finding a way to support this potentially wide variety of devices with a single platform has proven to be a costly, time-consuming challenge for many institutions. 


The industry is also commonly faced with changes within the organizations themselves as acquisitions and mergers continually change the landscape of the banking industry.  With this type of organizational change comes the additional challenge of incorporating new devices and services into an already formed platform. 


Not only are there changes in both devices and industry landscape, but the technical systems that support these devices are very complex.  The XFS standard that underlies the hardware communications is difficult and costly to develop around. 


We know how taxing it can be to keep up with the challenges and changes, which is why we provide a variety of products and services to help our clients to grow, change, and evolve.   We strive to continually give our clients clear cost-savings, a simple process, freedom to choose devices regardless of manufacturer, and risk reduction in development and support.

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