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Developers within Financial Institutions know that there are an extreme amount of details and options to grapple with.  Having Nexus Evolution integrated into their system helps with this in several ways.

  • Once the integration is done, adding a new device does not mean adding it within your code.

  • You will have the support and knowledge of our team, who specialize in the unique devices of the financial industry.

  • The stable nature of our API means that you can keep using the old devices within your institution and also add the new. 

Application Vendors

If you provide an application for a financial institution, you know that there are many critical decisions and steps for each client you take care of.  Having Nexus Software as a part of your team can help:

  • We offer support from the planning stage through the deployment, helping to head off bumps and solve device-related issues as they come up.

  • With our stable API and an extensive list of supported devices, your application will be able to support the devices that your clients need.

  • We are constantly improving and developing our documentation and support to provide what  our partners need to support their clients.

Application Vendors

End Users

End Users, typically banks or credit unions, often do not know that we are a part of their system. This means we are working well - so we love to hear it! They may not always be aware, but we provide some real benefits to financial institutions:

  • Nexus Software provides freedom for financial institutions to use the devices that they want and need.

  • We are constantly working to improve upon our already fast transaction and printing speeds, enabling the customer-facing staff to provide fast and efficient service. 

End Users
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