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COVID-19 Operations Plan

Updated: May 27, 2020

During this unprecedented time, our highest priority is to the health of our associates, clients, and partners. Following that is our commitment to provide our clients and partners with the support and service that they continue to require. The following plans were implemented in March 2020 and continue to be updated as local requirements dictate:

Enterprise Pandemic Plan: We have an internal plan in place to prioritize our associates’ health and provide service stability. Our decisions and procedures are guided by the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and all relevant government authorities.


  • Nexus Software is classified as an essential business and continues to maintain a normal level of operation.

  • Our servers and backup systems are operating normally, and we regularly test the backup systems.

  • Our Help Desk and development support are functioning without disruption.

  • We keep our entire team up to date on the current status and requirements of the safety standards and expectations through email and company meetings.

  • We keep up today with our partners and vendor continuity plans to stay prepared for any changes.

  • We have taken all business operations remote, unless absolutely necessary.

Facilities: We have created new procedures to maintain clean and sanitized facilities and protect any associates who need to be in the office. Visitors should schedule a time to come into our buildings in advance by calling (440)210-3400.


  • Company policy at this time directs all associates to work from home unless access to specific equipment is required.

  • We have restricted all business travel company-wide (this will be reassessed on a case by case basis).

  • We have restricted vendor access to our facilities to essential services only. (All vendor visits should be scheduled through your Nexus Software contact.)

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