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Nexus Evolution WebAPI

Nexus Software is pleased to announce a new additon in our signature product line - the Nexus Evolution WebAPI. This innovative solution is a web based interface that allows teller applications to deploy clientelss teller workstations - allowing the deployment of tablets and non-windows workstations. The new WebAPI works in conjunction with our existing APIs to deliver device access to teller web applications. In addition, currently in use legacy applications can continue to use any of our other APIs. Customization and system flexibility just got a whole lot easier!

The WebAPI has a much more streamlined structure that maintains our functionality and supports enhanced security in this new environment. This system, which utilizes the RESTful design principles, works with the Nexus Evolution Distributed Client environment to facilitate the operation of financial devices, such as:

- Pin Entry Devices,

- Signature Pads,

- Printers,

- Currency and Coin Recyclers

- Currency and Coin Dispensers

Nexus has long been committed to simplifying the process of device control and management. Enablng teller applications to securly access devices through a standard web interface is a big step forward and it provides the potenial for many more innovations in the future.

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