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Nexus Evolution 2020 is Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Nexus Evolution 2020. With this release we have added further enhancements and control options to our recycler and coin dispensing capabilities. Nexus Evolution 2020 also features an astonishing 17 new devices and our customary upgrades to the performance and security options.

“With each new release we work to maintain a balance between the internal goal of continuous improvement to the core of our product with addressing the needs and requests of our customer,” said Kevin Eilerman, CEO and President of Nexus Software LLC. “With Nexus Evolution 2020 our team has really come through, adding features our customers need and an impressive number of new devices.”

New Devices Supported in NE20:


~ Axihom/Cognitive TPG A799

~ Digital Check Teller Transaction Printer

~ CIMA AST 7000NT (R5)



~ Craden DP9 Printer Dual Port passbook printer

~ CPI CLS Coin Recycler

~ Equinox line of PEDs

~ Epson TM-S2000ii-MP print station. Contact Nexus for use.

~ Epson TM-S9000 print station. Contact Nexus for use.

~ Epson TM-T70ii

~ Glory RBG-210i

~ Glory RBG-200

~ Glory RBG-100CB

~ Troy Group M203 MICR Printer

Device Enhancements:

~ Enhancements to the follwing service providers:


- All NCR Recyclers

- Twinsafe

- Vertera 5G

- ARCA Recyclers

- Glory RBG 100 and RBG 200

- Glory/Talaris 6G

- Hyosung M S400 and S500 Recyclers

~ Bill counting implemented in the Glory/Talaris 6G, Hyosung MS400, and MS500 Recyclers

~Canadian Canister configuration for the Telequip Transact, The Transact 2+, and the T-Flex Coin Dispensers

Enhancements to the Core Product:

~ Performance enhancements to the Distributed Client product.

~ Support for drivers accessing TLS1.2 certificates.

~ Doubled the device info data capacity in both Branch and Distributed Client to allow a single service provider to support a larger number of devices.


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