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Integration of CPI CLS Coin Recycler Complete!

CPI CLS Coin Recycler, distributed by a partnership between Vita Lansworth and Crane Payment Innovations, has been certified for use by Nexus Software LLC’s Nexus Evolution middleware.

Nexus Software LLC and Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) announce the integration of the CPI CLS Coin Recycler on their Nexus Evolution suite of products. This is the first certification to market for the CLS Coin Recycler.

The CLS coin recycler, noted for its high-speed coin handling capabilities and compact dimensions, provides efficient and accurate coin management. The CLS can validate 10 coins per second and sort into 8 separate denominations. Supporting most of the world’s currencies, the CLS accelerates customer throughput while maximizing uptime in a fully enclosed, dual locking system to secure coins.

Nexus Evolution provides a one-time integrated device management solution that supports over 450 devices, including the most innovative features and functions. With the successful integration of the CLS Coin Recycler, customers will have access to the innovative features of the CLS Coin Recycler, along with support for a plethora of new and legacy devices.

“We pay close attention to the needs of our customers and knew right away that the CLS Coin Recycler would address several of their core priorities, including added security and quick, customer focused service,” said Kevin Eilerman, President and CEO of Nexus Software LLC.

As part of the CLS coin recycler product launch, CPI has partnered with Vita Lansworth, an entity of Lansworth Enterprise Solutions, based out of Minneapolis, as a distributor to resell the CLS coin recycler throughout the United States.


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