Product Technical Support

If your organization has received a Nexus Software product as part of its teller application or other third party package, please address any concerns you may have with your supplier.

Nexus Software LLC offers technical support to its customers, partners and solution providers for all licensed products. If you have purchased the product directly from us, please visit our Customer Portal.  For added security we strongly encourage creating your own unique login.

Reporting Issues

Should you need to report an issue to Nexus Software, the preferred method is via our Customer Portal. Please provide the following information to expedite the handling and resolution of the problem. A problem tracking number will be issued in the email reply and should be used as a reference for any related correspondence.

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Nexus Software LLC Product Name
  • Nexus Software LLC Product Version Number
  • Priority/status of issue (cosmetic/development/production/critical)
  • Operating System w/Service Pack if applicable
  • Device Model (e.g. IBM 4722-3)
  • Device Firmware Level (if available)
  • Include Device Configuration (i.e. com, network and device specific settings)
  • Problem Description (include exact text of error messages or error codes)
  • Time stamp of the error.
  • Nexus trace file showing the problem.
  • If printer problem, include any Visual Media Definition Facility (VMDF) .vmd library file being used
  • If it is Cash Dispenser related, include the .ini files from the Nexus working directory

Technical Support Contact Information:

Phone +1(440) 210-3399
Fax +1(440)-210-3401