“Zero Touch”

An integral aspect of the distributed client approach is the elimination of teller station visits for routine setup, configuration and updates. This model of “zero touch” administration provides a superior approach to these activities over previous methods of workstation configuration, software installation and software updates. The “zero touch” approach is composed of these components:

– Centralized setup of the financial branch and stations which permits easy deployment and migrations of future setup changes

– Automated software install and software update at teller stations and servers that reduces costs and increases up time of consumer delivery systems

– Centralized logging of fault and operational conditions for quicker problem identification and resolution

The key to centralized management of financial branch clients is the configuration database located on the server. This is used to drive automated software installation, software update, event and trace log compilation and client station configuration.

The Branch Device Enterprise Configuration Utility (ECU) with Distributed Client Services becomes a manager of station and device information stored within the configuration database. ECU also provides access to the management facilities of Installation Manager including distribution options, push/pull operations and monitoring of station status.