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  • Supported Devices

    For a complete list of our current list of supported devices click here.  As always, you can email us with any questions.

  • Enterprise Configuration Utility (ECU)

    A robust Configuration Management component is included to facilitate selection and definition of peripheral devices and their sharing relationships. The Branch Device Enterprise Configuration Utility (or ECU) allows each branch workstation to configure the specific devices attached to that station and to set the sharing rights that should be enabled. ECU includes device specific configuration as needed to allow the systems administrator to match the requirements of the deployed branch automation solution.

    To configure a teller station and the devices attached to the station, first the type of device is selected from the device icon list (document printers, validation/receipt printers, magnetic stripe readers/writers, PIN Pads, cash dispensers, text terminal units, etc.) and then the specific manufacturer device model is selected. Communication settings and any particular device specific information can then be set in the dialog for that device. Sharing of the device can also be indicated at this point.

    Additional CDM administrative, cash unit setup and bill mix configuration utilities are included that work with the XFS Service Providers of the supported CDM’s to manage cash replenishment and CDM usage and supply status.

  • “Zero Touch”  - Administration

    An integral aspect of the distributed client approach is the elimination of teller station visits for routine setup, configuration and updates. This model of “zero touch” administration provides a superior approach to these activities over previous methods of workstation configuration, software installation and software updates. The “zero touch” approach is composed of these components:

    – Centralized setup of the financial branch and stations which permits easy deployment and migrations of future setup changes

    – Automated software install and software update at teller stations and servers that reduces costs and increases up time of consumer delivery systems

    – Centralized logging of fault and operational conditions for quicker problem identification and resolution

    The key to centralized management of financial branch clients is the configuration database located on the server. This is used to drive automated software installation, software update, event and trace log compilation and client station configuration.

    The Branch Device Enterprise Configuration Utility (ECU) with Distributed Client Services becomes a manager of station and device information stored within the configuration database. ECU also provides access to the management facilities of Installation Manager including distribution options, push/pull operations and monitoring of station status.

  • Nexus Software LLC  - Distributed Client Services

    Distributed Client Services (DCS) transforms the Branch device support into a server based product with enhanced administrative and architectural capabilities for flexible and lower total cost branch solutions. With DCS, Branch Device supports thin and slim client deployment of device services to Windows clients. A variety of server/client architectures are supported.

    The use of Distributed Client Services maintains investments in existing Branch Client Services API based solutions and in most cases requires virtually no solution changes to evolve from traditional PC client based solutions to server based solutions with small footprint clients. The same 250+ devices supported in the Branch Client Services solution are supported in DCS as well..

  • Nexus Software LLC  - Branch Client Services

    Branch Client Services (BCS) packages the Nexus middleware interface with device support for a broad range of devices used in traditional PC branch applicaitons. BCS provides XFS support for over 250 branch devices combined with the Nexus industry standard XFS Manager.