Nexus Software LLC Certifies The ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler

KIRTLAND, OH – April 25, 2016 – Nexus Software LLC and ARCA announced today the certification of the ARCA CM18 Solo Cash Recycler with Nexus Evolution, Nexus Software’s device management middleware platform.  This integration provides a standardized methodology for accessing and managing bank devices of different types and brands.   With this certification, Nexus users can seamlessly integrate the CM18 Solo Cash Recycler without changing their application interface.

logo_H_letter300_arca_main Nexus Software LLC

The XFS standard based solution provided by Nexus Software includes a set of comprehensive APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which facilitate the fast and easy integration of peripheral devices into any financial application. The certification of the CM18 Solo is an excellent addition to the already extensive list of devices supported by Nexus Software.

ARCA’s CM Series is the largest cash recycler product line built on the same architecture. The addition of the CM18 Solo to the lineup offers an unprecedented level of flexibility, making it ideally suited for universal teller desks and teller pod applications. With the CM Series, ARCA is able to extend the benefits of cash recycling to financial institutions of all sizes and models, providing strategies and solutions to meet their requirements as never before.

Kevin Eilerman, President and CEO of Nexus says, “The integration of the CM18 Solo proves once again that the multivendor capabilities of our solution provides financial institutions around the world a vast variety of peripherals with no change to their applications.  This provides independence and significant reductions in development and support costs”.

“The CM Series of recyclers is the most widely deployed cash recycling platform in the world,” said Aubrey Meador, President of ARCA.  “A key to our market proliferation has been our ability to connect with a variety of teller platforms. Having the CM18 Solo certified with the Nexus Evolution platform, enhances our offering by delivering complete cash automation solutions.”