Nexus Software Announces Nexus Evolution™ 2017

Nexus Software LLC, a global leader in device management middleware and support for retail branch banking teller solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its latest product: Nexus EvolutionTM 2017.  This new release brings new capabilities and functions, such as Recycler support enhancements, added functions to Nexus Evolution TM Distributed Client product, and additional devices.

“The Developers at Nexus Software never stop listening to our customers and striving to deliver the best functions and stability possible.” said Kevin Eilerman, CEO and President of Nexus Software LLC.

The newest release of Nexus EvolutionTM will give our Distributed Client users improved performance with larger databases.  Both Distributed Client and Branch users with improvements in functional support in the Recycler device line. There are also several device additions, including new currency recyclers and printers.  This brings the total supported devices to over 430.  A complete list is available on the Nexus Software website, or by request.