Nexus Relaunches Newsletter

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Nexus Software serving  financial institutions around the world.  The first 25 years as Nexus Software, Inc. and the most recent five years as Nexus Software LLC.  The company has blossomed with new ownership and a renewed dedication to our clients and financial institutions.

With this re-launching of The Nexus Connection quarterly newsletter, we would like to reintroduce our team to you.  Starting with Kevin Eilerman, CEO and President, Kevin has spent his entire career in the financial industry.  Following 14 years with NCR, Kevin spent the next six years on the other side of the industry, with TCF Financial and Charter One Financial.  In 2001, Kevin joined Nexus Software, Inc., where he stayed in Global Sales and Management positions until 2007.  After two years of consulting in 2008 and 2009, Kevin took Nexus Software LLC private in 2010.


The rest of the team includes:

Mike Buffington – Chief Architect

Jerry Lenhart – Technical Support Manager

Chris Schnorr – Senior Developer

Nichole Dozier – QA Engineer

Nichelle Artin – Technical Writer

Doreen Francois – Senior Developer

Alex Jarrett – Senior Developer


In each issue, we will give you a little background on one member of the team.  Our mission continues to be to provide the most robust device management solution for your environment, whether it is a branch teller terminal or a remote workstation or a point of sale solution.  Nexus Software will continue to build on the quality systems recently implemented with better installs, upgrades and performance.  Watch for more details on the NEW NEXUS SOFTWARE!