Nexus Evolution 2019

The landscape of the banking industry is evolving quickly, and the innovative use of technology is a vital element in financial institutions efforts to remain just as essential in their customer’s lives.  The device manufacturers are creating devices with more features and functions. Nexus Software is keeping pace, implementing the functionality for these new developments. We also continually develop our API to address the ever-evolving needs of our customers and partners.  The release of Nexus Evolution 2019 is no exception.  Not only will NE19 include enhancements to functionality and a variety of new devices supported, but we have also made tracing and license reporting faster and easier.  And that is just the beginning of the changes coming with this latest release.

Nexus Evolution 2019 Highlights

The team at Nexus Software maintains a sharp focus on keeping up with technology advancements and our customer needs (and find that these are often the same thing).  All of NE19 priorities came from requests and discussions with our customers and our partnerships with device manufacturers.  Some of the newest features include:You can now use the bill counting feature on the following recyclers:

  • Glory RBG-100A, Glory RBG-100G, and ATEC AP LTA-350 recycler models. A new API to count notes without depositing the notes into the recycler is now available.
  • The ability to lock recycler during duress after dispensing so no further money may be dispensed until duress is ended. Implemented in all recyclers.
  • Support communications through Lantronix serial/IP adaptors without Lantronix’s CPR Manager has been added on select devices. This support is only certified on the Lantronix UDS2100.
  • Serial ports may be numbered from 1 to 100 in Distributed Client. Contact Nexus for more than 60 devices supported on a single computer/server.
  • The deployment of our Virtual Services has changed to allow for new functionality and greater flexibility. We have put extra attention and focus on virtual environments and see this as the path to providing the best possible solution.

Devices Added in NE19

In order to use our resources well, we have worked with both customers and device manufacturers to choose where to put our focus with regards to new device development.  We believe that the new devices supported in NE19 will serve you now and well into the future.  Newly supported devices include:

  • Ethernet attached Olivetti passbook printer.
  • Epson TM-T88VI printer.
  • ArcaTech CM18 Solo Tall recycler.
  • ArcaTech Vero recycler.
  • Refresh of ATEC AP LTA-350 recycler implementation to use native interface along with integrated support for coin dispensers connected directly to recycler. (Contact us for information on a known limitation with coin.)
  • Glory RBG-100 Recycler running with Cash Insight Bridge enabled.

NE19 is Making Maintenance and Support Even Simpler

The demands on your time are high.  It is important to us to lighten the load of things that get in the way of innovation as much as possible.  In NE19 we have made the following changes with that as our goal:

  • The licensing reports have been enhanced to provide even more details about the license types being deployed and the devices being supported.
  • The new Nexus Trace Backup Service in the Distributed Client solution can be set to automatically archive Nexus traces. This enhances Nexus support by ensuring a larger amount of time is covered in saved trace files for more efficiency in diagnostics. Refer to the documentation for details and instructions.