Nexus Evolution® 2016 is Here

KIRTLAND, OH – January 29, 2016 – Nexus Software LLC, a global leader in device management middleware and support for retail branch banking teller solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its latest product: Nexus Evolution® 2016.  This new release brings plenty of added capabilities and functions, such as Recycler support enhancements, added functions to Nexus Evolution ® Distributed Client product, and additional devices.

“Our team of banking professionals continues to deliver the best solution for all of our partners can customers.  We listen to what our customers are looking for and strive to continually deliver a solution that benefits a wide variety of device management needs.” said Kevin Eilerman, CEO and President of Nexus Software LLC.

The newest release of Nexus Evolution® will give our Distributed Client users increased control over the size of their database and a more robust reporting system.  Both Distributed Client and Branch users with improvements in functional support in the Recycler device line, including internal inventory auditing and more replenish options (when supported by the device).  There are also several device additions, which can be found in the release notes, on the Nexus Software website, or by request.