Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Nexus support Windows Power Management?

A: Nexus supports Windows Power Management starting with the Nexus Evolution 2014 release. Nexus fully complies with Power Management including settings on how long the computer must be idle before sleeping. Computers accessing Nexus controlled devices are delayed from going to sleep as long as the device is in active use. If device is idle for the configured sleep time the computer goes to sleep. When the computer is awakened, the connection to the device is re-established automatically without action by either the application writer or the user. Contact Nexus Software LLC for additional information.


Q: Does Nexus Software support Windows XP?

A: Support for Windows XP ended with the release of Nexus Evolution 2015. Nexus Evolution 2014 is the last release that supports XP.


Q: Does Nexus Software support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10?

A: Yes. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 are supported in all Nexus Evolution releases. Windows 10 is supported starting with the Nexus Evolution 2016 releases.


Q: Are Nexus’ products 64-bit capable

A: Yes, Nexus products are supported on 64-bit Windows platforms. In addition, Nexus offers components suitable for 64-bit applications.


Q: What is Nexus Evolution® and can I upgrade from INvolve to Nexus Evolution® without making coding changes?

A: Nexus Evolution is the successor to Nexus INvolve. Support for INvolve ends on December 31, 2015. Nexus Evolutions fully supports Applications written against INvolve with no coding changes. A seamless upgrade path is offered to upgrade INvolve to Evolution.


Q: How often does Nexus release new product releases?

A: Nexus releases a new product each year. The year of release is reflected in the product name.



Q: Does Nexus support IP connected recyclers?

A: Yes, Nexus supports most recycler makes and models including many which connect via Ethernet.


Q: Is Nexus compatible with thin clients?

A: Yes, Nexus products are in use with XenApp, XenDesktop, VmWare, and Remote Desktop Services.


Q: Can I get an image of what I’ve printed?

A: Yes, Nexus offers two ways of doing this. The first is the Nexus Image Printer which is a virtual printer which writes an image of the print out to disk. The second option is on select printers and returns to the application an image of what was printed. Contact Nexus Software LLC for additional information.


Q: Does Nexus support EMV?

A: Yes, Nexus has supported for EMV on select PIN Entry Devices for over ten years.