Enhanced Communication Security

Nexus Evolution© 2018 secures communications between the teller application and the Nexus WOSA/XFS Service controlling devices. By default, the communications are encrypted with a proprietary scheme that ensures data cannot be read in the clear. If additional security is desired it may be obtained by applying a SSL/TLS certificate. SSL/TLS certificates are not supplied by Nexus Software LLC and may be obtained from reputable certificate vendors. The user is solely responsible for deploying the certificate to machines hosting the Nexus WOSA/XFS Service. In addition, those machines may need updates to properly use the certificate. Look to the certificate vendor for guidance on operating system requirements and instructions on deploying the certificate. (Nexus Software LLC does not provide technical support for SSL/TLS certificates and does not recommend their use for anyone not familiar with them.)

Certificates compliant with TLS 1.0 through 1.2 may be used. Certificates must meet the following requirements.

The certificate must be signed by a Certificate Authority included in the computer’s trusted store.

  1. The certificate must be stored in the Local Machine Personal Store.
  2. The certificate must have a friendly name unique to the Local Machine Personal Store.
  3. The Nexus WOSA/XFS Service must be given permission to access the certificate information.