Downstream Coin

stack-of-pennies-closeup_573x300Coin dispensing in financial institutions has become more common and with this change has come both enhancements and challenges.   One of the more exciting enhancements is the development of downstream coin, even though it is accompanied by challenges managing the setup and configuration.  An increasing number of recyclers and cash dispensers are including the ability to directly set up a coin dispenser as a part of their system, allowing for the use of only one serial or network port.

As soon as this became an option our team began developing solutions to make this process as simple as possible for all of our clients.  Starting with Nexus Evolution 2018 we began supporting downstream coin in both of its variations:

  1. Integrated Downstream Coin.  This option fully integrates the coin dispenser and is only available on a few recyclers. In our system, this means that there are fewer settings to manually configure because the coin dispenser and the recycler can share the settings.
  2. Separate Service Downstream Coin.  This option allows the coin dispenser to be directly connected to recycler or cash dispenser, but the settings in the Nexus Evolution ECU must be set for both the recycler/cash dispenser and the coin dispenser.

Although the support of this feature is still limited to specific devices (please contact us for a full list of the supported devices), we believe that there will be more in the future.