About Us

Nexus Software LLC is the leader in device support in retail banking teller and platform solutions. Nexus provides software that connects any solution to any device in the retail branch. Founded in 1985, NexusSoftware has production installations in more than one hundred countries through our partners and relationships with financial institutions around the world.

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Our Products

  • Nexus Software LLC Branch Client Services

    Branch Client Services (BCS) packages the Nexus middleware interface with device support for a broad range of devices used in traditional PC branch applicaitons. BCS

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  • Nexus Software LLC Distributed Client Services

    Distributed Client Services (DCS) transforms the Branch device support into a server based product with enhanced administrative and architectural capabilities for flexible

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  • “Zero Touch” Administration

    An integral aspect of the distributed client approach is the elimination of teller station visits for routine setup, configuration and updates. This model of “zero

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  • Enterprise Configuration Utility (ECU)

    A robust Configuration Management component is included to facilitate selection and definition of peripheral devices and their sharing relationships. The Branch Device

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